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Yvonne Lawson at May 10, 2018

Jason is a great teacher, I enjoyed the class very much and instantly started feeling results from the Merkaba activation, I will be continuing my journey through this new found knowledge, looking forward to many more classes to come. Thank you Jason

Jason Edelman at Sep 19, 2017

Jason carries a very high, stable and grounded vibration in a beautiful and loving way. His presence as an educator has been a powerful and peaceful support in our awakening process. Blessings to him and on all who are doing this good work.

Mara Robu at Dec 30, 2016

It was such a joy and honor to attend the ATIH workshop given by Jason Hunt. Everyone in our group agreed that this experience was so much more than what we had expected or even hoped! Jason is an old soul who graciously shares his knowledge and wisdom with those who seek the Truth. His kindness and thoughtfulness and care for details created a beautiful, comfortable and reassuring environment for us to open our hearts. He met each of us where we were and took us much further than we had even dreamed. I had tried to enter the sacred space of my heart before taking this workshop, just following the instructions from Drunvalo's books and videos, but the direct support from Jason and the group really helped me get the courage to trust my intuition and follow my heart. Drunvalo's teaching on living from the heart is the most complete teaching I have come across in my spiritual journey. Taking the ATIH workshop was by far the most significant and life-changing experience I have had so far. So I highly recommend taking the ATIH workshop and I highly recommend Jason as a teacher. Thank you, Jason, for sharing your Light and Truth!

Dylan Bowen at Dec 12, 2016

After reading Drunvalos books, I was completely convinced of all of this stuff. However, actually going to the workshop, and experiencing it for myself was INCREDIBLE, and Jason did a tremendously outstanding job teaching us. I feel like all of us connected so perfectly, there was no doubt in my mind this was a sacred event. Everything was so much better than I couldve imagined. This workshop changed my life.

cynthia holland at Nov 10, 2016

I really enjoyed the workshop Jason was professional he conducted the workshop very well he kept everyone on task he was patient and answered questions he was a joy to be in the workshop with you can tell he is truly full of love and he takes everything he says to Heart so it makes you believe even more. I will take this Workshop again with Jason or any Workshop he taught when I signed up I was drawn to his picture so I knew it would be a good experience

Gloria Nelson at Nov 10, 2016

This class was a great learning experience for me. Jason is a wonderful instructor, who shared his knowledge in a kind and professional manner. Thank you Jason and I look forward to taking more classes with you.

Joel Antinazi at Oct 13, 2016

I believe this to be the most profound experience I've ever had in my life and I'm really looking forward to my new life in the fourth dimension and Beyond

Antje Freund at Mar 07, 2016

I very much enjoyed the workshop. Jason is a wonderful and very knowledgable teacher!

George Mills at Mar 07, 2016

For me personally I would have taken this seminar just to have my 3rd eye opened; or to have my Merkaba field permanently turned on; or to have the beams of light extended; or to be able to access the sacred space of my heart. I achieved all of this and more. My experiences sense then have been beyond what i could have imagined. For me any price would have been worth it, and Jason guided me here. thankyou! The remembering is real, and my dreams are vivid with full 3rd eye experiences not slipping away. the time now is 1:11

Maya Morrow at Mar 06, 2016

Jason did a phenomenal job with this workshop. Along with the the other participants, it has been a very long time since I felt this welcomed, loved, included, and celebrated. To say the ATIH workshop was life-changing for me would be an understatement. This was a lifeline being thrown to me by the Universe and Mother Earth herself, and within these four days, I was and am completely transformed and forever grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Katherine Robinson at Mar 06, 2016

Hi! I WISH there were words to describe my experiences and Life changes. There simply aren't words, and there certainly isn't enough space. This is my second ATIH workshop. The layers keep evaporating. I keep remembering. My heart. My Heart!! No words... This time around, as with the first, I got prompted to attend at the last minute. And amazingly enough it all just worked out! This alone should be a HUGE testimonial if you knew my life. However, this time I really looked forward to seeing my \"family.\" My community. My brothers and teachers. I didn't really expect to have new experiences, but wow did I! Jason is just amazing. Period. That word \"amazing\" just isn't big enough or bright enough to tell it all. I will never be able to explain adequately the journey his class has taken me before, during, and after the workshop. Don't take this workshop if you want your life to be the same. Jason works with the class as a collective but also works with each of us masterfully at our own level. He is patient, kind, compassionate, and loving. He is a Bright Light. He is Real. From My Heart, Kay

Thomas C. Hartman Hartman at Mar 06, 2016

It was a real honor to share this experience with Jason Hunt. Jason is so full of Love, and Loves to teach this work. I have followed Drunvalo's work since the first Flower of Life books and I'm really pleased to be able to continue the work. Antje, my wife and I, had a wonderful experience and would recommend Jason and the teachings to those who are open. It's a fun time to be here on Earth and this makes it even more enjoyable. Thank you! Tom

Donna Wesley at Mar 01, 2016

Jason is an amazing teacher. The loved that he shared with us, words can not express. I loved the workshop. Peace and blessings

Bar Shem Tov at Aug 31, 2015

I'm from Israel and I took Jason's workshop both in Atlanta and Asheville. I had a wonderful time! Jason is a great teacher, so kind and thoughful. Always happy to answer questions from his heart. Thank you Jason for your infinite love and light!

Anna Just-Buddy at Jul 04, 2015

I found the School of Remembering website to register for the class a bit difficult and mildly frustrating to navigate through. I had a great deal of difficulty finding my teachers class posting. Having taken the class before with him, I had to call him directly to register. Out side of that, the ATIH class was amazingly heart felt and life changing.

Jo-Ann Jones at Jul 03, 2015

Jason is the most patient, knowledgeable, spiritual and loving teacher we have ever had. We are old and speak from years of experience. My husband and I were WOW-ed by him. What a privilege to experience this workshop. Thanks Jason and of course Drunvalo. Jo-Ann FL, USA

Katherine N Hardman at Feb 13, 2015

My experiences in the ATIH workshop with Jason Hunt were profound and freeing. I was able to connect with a higher plane in a very real way, which opened up my perspective of reality. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to attend the ATIH workshop.

Peter Bulliard at Dec 28, 2014

Jason was an excellent teacher. I had a little difficulty getting responses from him prior to the workshop in email/text but would like to bring him to Louisiana to teach.

Amanda Evans at Dec 17, 2014

Thank you so much, Jason for sharing this workshop with us. Your combination of warmth and knowledge made the learning process easier for the group.

Roger Hoffmire at Dec 16, 2014

The space, where the class was held was good, but a bit bigger space would have been nice. I can't wait to take the class again, to \"firm up' the teachings.

Sherilyn Penn at Nov 24, 2014

It was life changing and very magical. I was surprised synchronistically things came together.

Katherine Robinson at Nov 21, 2014

I loved this workshop, Jason, and my classmates (who were also my teachers) more than words could possibly express. Best class / workshop, so far, EVER!! I really felt that I was \"home with my people.\" I was able to experience the meditations pretty easily in class and had some amazing, indescribable, mystical experiences. Experiences I didn't have in meditations prior to the workshop. I can tell my life is forever changed by all of it. So much love and gratitude from my heart, Kay Robinson

rita maria fore at Sep 28, 2014

I'm very grateful with Jason for the wonderful experience at the workshop. Jason has lots of integrity and knowledge, I honor and value this on a being. The vibration was very high during the workshop, and the experience was of a great value. I don't take classes and workshops, but I don't regret having the opportunity to be there, it was a blessing, also for all the brothers and sisters that were part of it, they are incredible souls, a blessings to the Earth as is Jason.

joshua smith at Sep 10, 2014

This workshop was absolutely life changing. I now KNOW that there is no enemy. I have nothing to fear. Since completing the course, I've experienced heightened sensory perception, subtle psychic abilities, and a saturated feeling of oneness. Infinite thanks to my instructor Jason and all of the other beings of light that helped create this course.

Joyce Dickerman at Apr 20, 2014

I so enjoyed the enthusiasm, earnestness and clear admiration of Jason for Drunvalo's work and his very pure intetion to live and help others have access to this information. Our format was condensed into 3 days - in orde to make it more accessible. I felt frustrated by no handouts from within the workshop itself - and I was stopped from taking snapshots of slides -- when I was trying to capture the information to learn it. We were such a small group of 4 participants - and some real challenging emotional dynamics made it hard for me to have a fully opened heart during the last day, however. But the information and emotional healing all enriched my life. Thankyou. .

Sandrine Manchester at Nov 05, 2013

Jason is a remarkable spirit and his gentle and peaceful heart-centered teaching of the material was nourishing to the soul and beautiful to experience! This profound updated method and the levels of consciousness and initiations experienced were truly life-altering! Infinite blessings to you and your wonderful organization for helping us to remember! Joined in oneness in the heart ~ Sandrine PS Suggestions to consider: Although this was a spiritual and experiential course/initiation, perhaps having printed material to distribute during class would help to anchor in the discussion portion of the information and create less of a distraction during the experience from having to take time writing info down ;-)

Vincent Thompson at Oct 21, 2013

Great program. Jason Hunt is fabulous.

Jeffrey Patton at Jul 30, 2013

Jason Hunt is a excellent teacher! The sacred knowledge was priceless for my soul ascension. I am very thankful I got to take the workshop. With Love from my Heart to yuns, Sincerely, Jeffrey Patton

Allen Rogerson at Jul 29, 2013

Jason Hunt was an Amazing instructor, and filled with an excitement for the material he was passing along. His lifetime experiences and passion for the work was immediately apparent to me upon first meeting him. I would HIGHLY recommend him as a teacher to anyone seeking the knowledge and wisdom taught in this class. Peace Profound - in light, life, and love

april lumpkins at Jul 28, 2013

the love was strong and real...

Sean McDonnell at Jun 10, 2013

Participating in this workshop has absolutely changed my life for the better. I had only read and watched Drunvalo's books and videos for many years and knew that I really needed to experience a ATIH workshop to put all of this amazing information into a real experience. Thank you Jason Hunt for your loving clear unique way of delivering this information and supporting the entire group during those 4 days. Love and Light, Sean McDonnell

Galina Shapiro at Jun 07, 2013

I am glad I got this knowledge. My life changed. Thank you all. Love you.