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School of Remembering Registration & Enrollment

If you have already Registered: Login Here

This Registration and Enrollment page is available for any individuals interested in the School of Remembering and the Teachings from Drunvalo Melchizedek. You do not have to attend an event to begin participating.

Registration is an initial fee of $14.99 (U.S.) and this is a one time only, lifetime registration.

The School of Remembering Registration provides you with the opportunity to:

a. Access the School of Remembering Private System and learn more

b. Access special discounts for events, teachings, books, audio presentations and other products

c. Receive monthly surprise materials such as interviews, video & film releases, additional discounts on products and personal updates from Drunvalo

d. Receive The School of Remembering Newsletters (And more as we continue to develop the system) 

e. Promote your account to Tuition Membership (optional) 

f. Unlock the ability to formally enroll in any Global Workshop 

g. Receive an authorized School of Remembering “Certificate of Completion” for completed ATIH course work

h. Provide valuable feedback on events and materials

This Registration is "only" for the School of Remembering. This is not Enrollment for any global workshops.

Welcome to the School of Remembering

 ***Important Note***

This system will only accept one $14.99 Registration per payment method, (PayPal or Credit Card). Do not try to purchase registration a second time for other people; attempting this activity will disable your first account

Paypal security may send the response with access information to your Paypal account Email. If you have issues please see:

When you have completed the initial enrolment process, you will receive two emails. The first email will be confirmation of your order; the second email will be the confirmation of your payment and this second email will provide you with your access information.

To enroll for the School of Remembering without attending an event select the Enroll Now button.


***If you plan to Register for any Global Awakening the Illuminated Heart School of Remembering Workshop, please Click here for a brief message from Drunvalo. Click Here