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Workshops : ATIH workshop Holland/Amsterdam: 8-11 October 2020. Welcome on my ATIH teacher page of the School of Remembering!
Let me introduce myself.

My "personal" name, as given to me from my parents is: Maria Lagou. My spiritual name, as given to me from Shri Guru Muniraj Maharaj, the incarnation of lord Dattatreya from India, a little time before he passed, is: Sri Lalita Devi which means: Devine Mother of the Ultimate State of Consciousness of Bliss.

HEART - PASSION: I can think of no greater honor and joy than to share this information with others and assist in the rediscovery of our True Self in our hearts and the inner beauty that is present in all of us, every moment. To assist people in remembering that we are not separate. That in essence we are all ONE. That We Are ONE Consciousness ..Pure Love.

MY FIRST CERTIFICATON BY DRUNVALO MELCHIZEDEK (in 1997), AS TEACHER/FACILITATOR IN SACRED GEOMETRY / FLOWER OF LIFE & THE MERKABA SCIENCE: During my spiritual odyssey, searching for answers, I came into personal contact with Drunvalo Melchizedek, in the late 90’s. At that time he was not as well known, as he is now. In 1997, I was trained by him personally, and became a certified teacher/facilitator in Sacred Geometry / Flower of Life and the Merkaba technique teaching abroad many people. From day one, I felt very moved, thankful and inspired by Drunvalo’s unconditional love, wisdom & simplicity, as my mentor and teacher. In the same year my Higher Self appeared to me....such an ultimate Grace!

2009 -TEACHER OF LIVING IN THE HEART WORKSHOPS. In 2009, I started giving the first "Living in the Heart" workshops in Holland.

MY SECOND CERTIFICATON BY DRUNVALO MELCHIZEDEK, (2011) AS ONE OF THE FIRST TEACHERS of the AWAKENING THE ILLUMINATED HEART®: In July 2011, I studied again with Drunvalo in Sedona at the "School of Remembering" together with the first ATIH teachers over the globe, and became one of the first certified teachers for the latest Ascension material of Drunvalo "The Awakening the Illuminated Heart®". I feel full of joy and gratitude to represent this beautiful school abroad and to have assisted as teacher/group-leader for the ATIH® teachers training in Sedona. It is such a blessing in assisting people in remembering Who they really ARE!!

Drunvalo with the profound teachings of the "Awakening the Illuminated Heart® workshops, brings people easily into the core of their essence and makes it possible for the many's to experience their very Being, remembering who they really Are. This is really a gift of True Consciousness and at this time of transition, it is essential for Humanity and for our Planet!
Thank you Drunvalo!

MARIA'S CONTRUBUTION TO THE SHIFT OF UNITY-CONSCIOUSNESS: Since 1995, I had the great opportunity to give workshops, trainings, lectures, international programs and also to pass the sacred teachings of Drunvalo in the Netherlands and over the globe. I always feel blessed that since the early 90's I’ve been able to contribute intensively to the global shift into Unity-Consciousness, here on Earth. I am very thankful to have assisted and reached so many people in experiencing and remembering their true nature, and also in giving them tools for activating their Merkaba/ Light Body.

FOUNDER OF A.N.I.K. (Consultancy & Training in 1999). A.N.I.K.centre (Ancient and New Integrated Knowledge) Consultancy and Training, in Amsterdam, which specifically focuses on transformation for a lasting and positive change to individuals, groups and organizations. We assist people and organizations to remember how to look at themselves and their surroundings with a greater awareness. We believe that personal change is the best guarantee for improving the work, but also for a better life and a better world.

FOUNDER of A.N.I.K Academy: Founder of ANIK Academy (ANew Inner Knowing) "The Heart of Life" program assisting people in Awakening their true nature in daily life from moment to moment. Providing Trainings for professional Heart of Life-Coaches, workshops, Heart of LifeCoaching, retreats.

EDUCATION: Over the years I have studied extensively, received certificates and acquired several bachelor & master degrees in various fields associated with human consciousness, such as Sociology, Teacher Social Pedagogy, Management of ChildCare Institutions , Eclectic Integrative Psychotherapy, Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Psychosynthesis, Hypnotherapy /Inner Child work, Vipassana, Kundalini Yoga, Energetics (H.U.E) for body/mind/soul/spirit, Natural Medicine & Health / Medical Orthomoleculeraire dietetics, Ortho-ecology, Bio-energetics, Heart-coherence, Mindfulness trainer, Spiritual Yoga teacher, QuantumTouch therapist/healer & trainer, Instructor of Merkaba and Awakening the Illuminated Heart.

REMEMBERING: We Are Love, and from there on everything is possible. We are all Equal. We are entering a new world. It is time now to Awaken into this illuminated world of Completion and Joy, Simplicity and Truth by Awakening our Illuminated Heart !! Remembering becomes effortless, when we are really in the core of our essence, in the tiny space of the sacred heart... when we may feel again in peace and safely, Home.

The HEART is always open to share the universal truth that allows us to see God, beyond the ego, when looking into the eyes of the one, standing in front of us. It is the completion and the inner bliss of the True Self, when it can see and experience itself consciously, through its creation, through these human bodies, recognizing that it is in everything and everywhere, as ONE and the SAME consciousness!!It is in that moment that you realise that you are one with God, you always have been and nothing can change it. Without effort…only Being!

REMEMBERING WHO WE TRULLY ARE. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity long ago to deeply realize, that there doesn’t really exist such a thing as a separate "person". In reality, there is No-One else to find here to identify with, except the ONE Consciousness, the Oneness, the Love you already are! It is simply, what Is right Now. Always here…to find in your awaken heart.. Every moment fresh and new. What an extraordinary illuminated beauty!!

The HEART in Life: This is exactly what makes the Cosmic Play of Life so very exciting, playful and truly blissful. When such a shift of human consiousness takes place, then life becomes a miraculous Blessing when your Heart is totally awakened. We become more alive and the power of uncoditional love and freedom, takes over. Effortless inner peace and Joy/Bliss arises, from within your heart. So, if you are really aware of who you realy are, you are watching the cosmic play, without nesserarly needing to identify with the "melodrama" of any of these illusionary person-al "roles" of your personality. They may do their dance and this is just fine. But you deeply realise that you are not only the "wave"….you are the same essence of the water, as the ocean …Pure Consciousnes!

According to Zen monks, before enlightenment "...chop wood and carry water", after enlightenment "... chop wood and carry water". It looks like nothing has changed, everything goes on, but inwardly change is radically and mindblowing.

Here below you may find comments of students regarding their experience during the workshops by Maria & additionally her web-sites:

WEBSITES MARIA LAGOU: | www.floweroflife-merkaba.nlReacties

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