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The teaching brought to us by Drunvalo is one of many mystical expressions that I have enjoyed discovering and exploring. I have taken Drunvalo's Flower Of Life workshop which included the basics of Sacred Geometry and the activation of the MerKaBa in the "old way", using 17 breaths with mudras, visioning, and breathing. I also attended the "Living In The Heart" workshop in 2007 prior to my first "Awakening the Illuminated Heart" in 2012.

I have always been fascinated in how things work and how each one of us has unique combinations of beliefs on which we depend to understand and explain how our own lives work. The beliefs themselves are the limiting factor. I have become a certified teacher of the Awakening the Illuminated Heart class to assist in the removal of our limiting beliefs.

The clear memory of lying in my crib and discovering that I had hands was the first experiential proof that I am not my body. The feelings and nerve sensations that were the physical and emotional body that I inhabit and not me, the consciousness that witnesses them. Since then, I have known an objectivity to this dream and searched to find anyone else who noticed the same. I have found Drunvalo's work to be a coherent explanation that is accessible to all who are curious.

Having a college education in fine art and computer engineering taught me how to relate to people from widely varying perspectives.

Professionally, I have served working for small to large corporations and as sole proprietor in software development, technical support, bicycle repair & sales, illustration and graphic design, customer service and grocery.

Since 1999, I began studying Attunement with Chris and Donna Jorgensen and eventually became a certified Attunement practitioner. Attunement is an energy healing practice which focuses on the expression of Being. I have also studied Lakota ceremonies with the Chief Phil Crazy Bull.

Drunvalo has come a long way to help us remember who we are. He has helped to expose the extraordinary abilities we all have. I am here to continue Dru's work by assisting you in remembering who you are and seeing creative self with a new perspective.

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