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Welcome to the School of Remembering Public Workshop Preview Page

The School of Remembering offers programs in Six exciting life changing subjects:

Use the following search tools to learn more about the Global Workshops Dates & Locations near you. You cannot register for a workshop using these tools, to complete the registration for any workshops you must enroll for a school membership account.

If you find a workshop the “Read More” button will give a link to begin the enrolment process. The Calendars are constantly changing as more workshops are added to meet the needs of our growing global community.

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These links to Workshop Schedules and Calendars will only show the listing. To Register for the workshop you will need to Enroll with the School of Remembering. Video instructions:

View ATIH Global Workshop Calendar

View Drunvalo Melchizedek's Workshops

View All SOR, Drunvalo Online Workshops, Certification & Mini-Camps

View HeartMath Workshops & Mini Camps

View Sacred Travel and Events

View Blue School of Imagery Workshops

For any issues related to Registration, Event locations or Teacher information please:

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